Ways to Participate

How can one volunteer for or contribute to The Baltimore Town Collections?

  • You may already be a member of WordPress.com. You can join WordPress for free.
    • Comment on these pages.
    • Help to edit BTown content & blog posts.
    • Tip: pick a login handle that your friends will recognize but nobody else will — you know, like LanternParader?
  • You may already be a member of the Internet Archive. You can join join Archive.org for free.
    • Comment on Archive pages.
    • Participate in forum discussions on the Archive.
    • Help to edit, vet & maintain The Baltimore Town Collections.
    • Tip: pick a login handle that your friends will recognize but nobody else will — you know, like KineticRacer?
  • Do you have photos, audio or video recordings of festivals and other community cultural projects?
    • Contribute photos, recordings or text to The Baltimore Town Collections.
    • Note that with 50+ like files (all video, all photo, or all text, etc.) we can create a new collection. The Internet Archive requires at least 50 files of the same media type.
      • Got 50+ photos of the Great Halloween Lantern Parade, the Left Bank Jazz Society or the Baltimore Experimental High School? Let’s launch a new collection!
  • Are you a member of Facebook? (We’re trying to wean off of Fb. See Discord, below.)
  • On Discord, join (for free) our Baltimore Town community hosting various forums.
  • Monetary or in-kind donations. In 2022 we are just ramping up. One of our most daunting technical challenges is digitizing analog recordings and scanning small press books, old magazines, newspapers (like Harry!), and thousands of slides and 35mm negatives. If you have technology, expertise or other resources that you would like to share with The Baltimore Town Collections, including content editing, please let us know. As for legal aid, we haven’t run into any issues yet, but it could happen. Also, we might want to think about 501(c)3 charitable status.
  • Vet! (What is vetting?)
    It’s simple: fact-check, spell-check, grammar-check, style-check, vibe-check, check-mate! A woefully overlooked & underappreciated task for web projects like The Baltimore Town Collections is proofreading the content. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s often folks who consider themselves to be non-web-savvy who make good vetters on a site, because the content needs to be friendly and understandable to a diverse public — and not just the web savvy. This means that anyone can work on this community service — in your spare time, with a partner or in a vetting party. New content will always be coming in, and older pages need to be revisited for broken links and outdated information. You can take your pick!
  • You can contact Baltimore Town via our Contact page.