Sharing (uploading) files to BTown

If you have images or other media files that you would like to share with The Baltimore Town Collections, this page explains how you can send them our way.

Our file-sharing address is:

For a small number of images or other files, you can attach them to an email and send them to this address. Please include an explanation of why you are sending the file(s), who should be credited, who owns the copyright(s), years or dates (approx), the location, what or who is in the picture, and in which of The Baltimore Town collections do they belong? Also, please include your contact info.

For file transfers, BTown uses

When submitting more than a couple image files, BTown uses for file-sharing (actually it’s folder-sharing). Start by creating a free account for yourself on pCloud — which grants basic users 10 gigs of storage space at no cost. Once inside, create a folder with a name something like Pride Parade images for BTown and add your files to the folder. Then, you can share your folder with us, using our account email address:

We will let you know that we received your folder. Please note that BTown has a tiny staff and is just figuring out this stuff. Please keep good back-ups of all your precious media files, and have patience with our humble little shop.